Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lap Band Teaching Class

This is me, saving lives at work... Ok, so it's a Sea Gull, but it was hurt.

Yesterday I had my Lap Band Teaching class. It was interesting. We walked on the Bariatractic Floor and saw the big beds, huge toilets, (my favorite), the walking hall way. The teacher said on the day of your surgery they want you walking at least 15 laps and on the day after the surgery 25 laps. She said the record was 127 laps.... So I have to beat that. 25 laps is a mile. We talked about the pre op diet which I start on Saturday. This is it: Apple, Grape, Cranberry Juices, Clear Broth, decaf coffee and tea, Gatorade, Crystal Light. Only one protein shake a day. The reason for all this is to shrink your liver. She said protein makes your liver swell up so for 4 days it can shrink. Then we talked about the surgery and the fills afterward. I don't think it's really going to be that bad. There was a nice lady there also getting a band and she is very sacred of nettles so she is Very Afraid to get the fills. Things like that don't scare me. I want to take a video of it to share with my friends.

Also, found out I can't have nothing to eat and drink for 24 hours after surgery. She said the next day after surgery I will have an upper GI to check for leaks. If no leaks I can start on my 2 weeks of clear liquids. Doesn't sound too bad. One thing she told me is to go buy some Chap Stick 100% Natural and bring it with me. Since nothing to drink your lips will get dried out.

Tomorrow I have Pre Admission appointment and the Pre Op with my Doctor. Should be fun. I'll keep you posted. Take Care All My Friends! Lap Ban-It Girl :)

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