Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 2 At Home

Slept good again. Woke up once in a little pain so I took some more pain medication and went right back to sleep. Felt pretty good again this morning so I went for another hour long walk. At first seemed a little short of breath but after a while it passed. I have started having the gas pain in my shoulder. It Hurts! I thought it would be gone by now. Its been 3 days. Nothing seems to help. I thought the walking would take care of it. It got so bad today I took the pain medication and used an ice pack. Didn't really help that much. I have also started to have (sorry) diarrhea. It's ruthless and sneaky. My husband has gone to the store to get me some liquid Imodium. Not really sure I can take it. Also I got on the scales this morning and I hadn't lost any weight. I'm still the same weight I was at surgery. That was a little depressing :( I'm sure it's fluids.... I hope it's fluids. If anyone else are having the same problems I would greatly appreciate some advice. Have a good night, Band-It Girl

Oh I almost forgot. Hiccups are very painful!


  1. hahahha! Hiccups ARE painful! have you been able to burp, yet? Mine come out as hiccups.

  2. Maybe that's what they are???? Seems like I have burped though. I can't remember. The pain in my shoulder is bad. When is that going to stop?