Friday, November 20, 2009

Hi All.... I was banded yesterday.... WooHoo... I had no problems. The day I was suppose to go home I developed a fever. It wasn't high but was a concern nurse for the. Late yesterday she called the Dr. and he said it was ok for me to go home as long as my temperature didn't go over 100. It's still in the 90's so I'm guessing I'm ok. While I was in the hospital I was very antsy. I told the nurse I wanted to get up as soon as possible. At about 4:00 they finally let me get up and walk. I felt soooooo much better after I walked. So I decided to walk every chance I got. After the surgery I had a pain pump with Diloted (spelling). I used it a few times but really didn't need it. After I got home I just relaxed and chilled out. When I went to bed I couldn't get comfortable. I wanted to and usually do, sleep on my left side but that wasn't happening. I guess sometime durning the night I woke my husband up moaning and groaning. He woke me up and I was in some pain so I took the pain medication. Slept pretty good after that. When I woke up I was very stiff and had some pain. Some of it was at the port sight and I think some of it was gas. I decides to go for a walk in the neighborhood. I asked a neighbor if she wanted to go too. We were walking and I lost track of time. We ended up walking for 1 hour and and 10 minutes. I felt pretty good but the pain was coming back so I took some pain medication. Now It's time for a nap :)

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  1. Yay! Welcome to the flip side! Use the pain medicine. You will find that your inners (lol) are going to get real sore due to the surgery.

    congrats on the walk too!