Friday, October 30, 2009

Yesterday at the hospital, while waiting for Stick Man's surgery to be completed, I was a bit antsy so I thought I would walk around a bit. I stumbled on the Bariatric Surgery hallway. They had this billboard up showing employees that have been successful with weight loss surgery. I thought it was kind cool. I looked in the rooms and everything in there were bigger. The beds, toilets, shower and even the doorways. The bed even had a scale in it. I thought it was the neatest thing. Finally, someone accommodates overweight people! Later that afternoon I walked down there again and a few of the weight loss surgery patients were walking the hallway. I watched one lady and every time she made a lap she would stop at the nurses station and place a mark on the dry erase board. I'm thinking they keep up with how many laps you make. Well I decided to leave because I didn't want anyone to call security because I was acting like a stalker. I'm very excited to be a patient there and mark my mark on the dry erase board. 19 more days!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hanging out at the Hospital today.

Stick Man is having surgery today on his shoulder. I will be spending the day with my Mother In Law who I found out that Stick Man told her of my surgery. Let's see if she mentions it. She is a very nice lady and I don't think she would say anything to hurt my feelings (she would wait and say it behind my back). Hopefully she won't tell anyone else. It's my business and if I want to tell it I will. I think after I start to lose weight I will probably tell everyone I know. It's hard for me to keep a secret. I didn't tell my son, ADHD Boy (13 years old) because I don't want him to tell his Dad, my ex. My son tells me he calls me fat to him which is hurtful, not to me but for my son. I don't care what he thinks about me. I'm sure he would have some nasty things to say about my surgery and my son doesn't need to hear that kind of stuff. Take Care My Friends, Band-It Girl.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Had a nice dinner with the in-laws today. I decided not to tell them I'm having Lap Band Surgery. I didn't want to have to explain things to them. At this time I'm not going to tell many people. I have told some close friends at work because I may need their help when I go back to work, but for now not telling anyone else.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting closer!

Things are rocking on. I have my Lap Band Teaching class on Nov. 9th and my pre admission and appointment with my Doctor on the 10th. Still stressing about the pre operative diet. I also remember the Doctor saying something about some kind of bowel cleansing the night before the surgery. I've heard horror stories about these kinds of things. I've heard of people having to sit on the toilet for hours. Yuck... not going to be fun. 24 More Days!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pre Operative Diet

I've been thinking lately, and worrying, about the pre operative diet. My pre operative diet consist of Apple, Grape, Cranberry Juices.... Clear broth.... Tea, Coffee, Sugar Free Jello, and one protein shake a day. To me this doesn't seem like much. I worrying that I'm going to be hungry and cheat. I only have to be on it four days before my surgery. I'm going to try to come up with things to divert my attention during these four days. The first two days I'll be working. That will be the hardest time. The last two I will be off. I'm planning on cleaning the house real good and maybe even painting the video game room. Anyway, wish me luck. if anyone has any ideas on how to keep me busy and not thinking about food, please send them my way.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ok, Last week I went to get a EDG, which I don't even know what that stands for. I now know it is a procedure where you are put kind of asleep and the Doctor puts a camera down your throat into your stomach to see if you have any hernias or anything that would keep you from being a candidate for Lab Band Surgery. I had to be at the hospital at 10 am and the procedure was to be at 11 am. I couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. The night before I went to bed about 11 pm and was awaken about 2 am with a cough. I never have a cough... I felt like all I needed was just a sip of water. It lasted for about and hour and I went back to sleep. Looking back it was probably in my head because I haven't had anymore middle of the night coughs. My sister, Roonie, took me to the hospital for the procedure. I signed in at the front desk and the receptionist asked me if I would like some coffee or something. DUH, I can't have any..... They took me back a short time later, put in a IV and left me laying there for a hour waiting. When it was my turn a very sweet, grandmother looking nurse came in with a little cup and instructed me to take the liquid that was in the cup and gargle with it for a minuet and a half and then swallow it. I thought it wouldn't be a very big deal until I turned the cup up and what was in it plopped in my mouth. It was disgusting! It felt like Vaseline in my mouth and I had no idea how to gargle with what was in my mouth. I was trying very hard to gargle with this stuff but it wasn't happening. My mouth started to water and I was about to puke when the water in my mouth mixed with the stuff in my mouth and became more liquified. While all this was happening the sweet little nurse left. I thought she was suppose to be the time keeper. I continued to gargle and my throat and mouth started to go numb which made it even harder to gargle. About 3 minutes later that sweet little nurse came back and said " Oh are you still gargling, swallow now". It was so gross! Then I was wheeled into a room where the Doctor and a couple of other nurses. I told the Doctor I was nervous and was afraid I was going to gag during the procedure. He smiled and that's the last thing I remember until I was driving home in the car. I'm guessing everything was ok because I'm still on the schedule for surgery for Nov.18..... WooHoo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi Lap Band-It Girl Here

I'm so excited to start a blog. This is a first for me. I'm a 44 year old "Girl" and I'm having "Lap-Band Surgery" on Nov. 18. I can't wait! I'm 5'2, 218lbs (BMI 39.9). My Dr. says I should weigh 110lbs (Yeah Right, My Bones Weigh More Than That). If I weighed 110lbs my BMI would be 20.1. Ok, Whatever.... My goal is 125 to 130 lbs. I think I'm going to set short term goals for myself in the beginning. The first one being to be under 200lbs by Christmas. I CAN DO IT!

I decided to have Lap-Band Surgery about 2 Months ago and was disappointed to find out that my insurance doesn't cover the cost of the surgery. I was upset for about a minute then started looking for ways to come up with 17K to pay for the surgery. I discovered I could borrow against my retirement at 4.5% interest. I called Nationwide Retirement Solutions and they were way to eager to lend me MY money. (haha) Any Who! I got that all squared away before I told my husband (we will call him Stick Man). I approached Stick Man with my plan and he didn't match my enthusiasm, which I didn't expect him to, as he doesn't have a weight problem and doesn't understand why people just can't stop eating. Anyway, told Stick Man that I was thinking of having the surgery and he said "I think you should give the gym a try (like I haven't already done that a million times). I explained to Stick Man that I wasn't asking for his permission, I was advising him of my plans. In the long run he has come around. He love me and wants me to be happy. Stick Man is the best husband in the world. Love Him, Love Him.

A little more about me. I have two children 22 year old daughter and 13 year old son. I live in sunny Florida and have been a Police Officer for 15 years. I have alway had a weight problem. Here are some of the excuses I have used over the years: My Mother always made me clean my plate, I came from a broken home, My Father was an alcoholic, I was home alone a lot as a child and not supervised, My first job was at KFC, My first husband was killed when I was 25 years old, My Wonderful Mother died a short time after that, I married a DEVIL (Stayed Married To The DEVIL for 10 Years), Became a Police Officer, had another baby, Hurricane Destroyed my Home, Got DIVORCED (YEAH), Married Stick Man (Having a great life), Back in Court with the DEVIL over Child Custody Issues, Have Had To Deal With Many Many Cuttings, Stabbing, Beatings, Drownings, Murders, Car Crashes, Suicides (hanging, cut wrists, over dose, driving over cliffs, shot gun to the head and chest, drinking self to death), Domestic Violence's, Child Abuse, Dope Dealers, Sexual Abuse Of Children, Violent Sexual Batteries, and writing countless tickets to speeders who tell me "Don't you have REAL crime to go fight! All in all, I Love my job, my family, and my life..... Except I'm tired of being FAT!

Hopefully I'll have some subscribers on this journey. If not, I know I can count on my best friend and sister to read my blogs and post something supportive ( Love U Roonie, that's my sister). Other than Stick Man, and Roonie, I'm sure I will refer to my daughter, Drama Trauma Queen, and my son, ADHD Boy in my blogs as they are all sources of much comedy.

In my next post I will chat a little about what I have been doing to prepare for my big day! 34 days and counting!